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Beginner Starter Courses


Any new beginner regardless of how confident or nervous can be assured of the best possible care.

All of your lessons will be constructive, structured & stress free from personal worry.

In fact, the object would be that the experience is enjoyed.

Lessons being conducted in accordance with DSA guidelines.

How your first ever driving lesson will be conducted

All first time lessons start with an introduction followed by a few basic questions.

I will ensure that you have your photo I.D part of your licence with you before we leave your home.

It would generally be in your interest that I drive you to somewhere quiet & suitable for your first lesson.

This very short drive with a comentary will give you something to relate to when putting it into practice yourself.

An eye sight test will be done prior to commencement of lesson (Minimal distance 20 metres) https://www.gov.uk/driving-eyesight-rules

A Terms & Conditions form will be completed which also notes your Driving Licence Number.

With full guidance we are now ready to change seats & prepare your seating & mirror positioning to your best advantage.

This is called the Cockpit Drill & includes the adjustment of the head restraints & steering rake adjustment if fitted.

Having done the Cockpit Drill we now ready to do the Controls Lesson. All the Major Driving controls & the ancillary devices ie lights/ wipers / ventilation controls will be covered including warning lights.

We now with the aid of illustrations cover basic proceedures. ie Use of mirrors (MSM) routine / Blind spot checks / Use of indicators / Open & Closed junctions. Approaching & turning left & right. Approaching & emerging to left & right.

We are now ready to start the vehicle safely but only to discover the sensitivity of the gas pedal, positioning & feel of brakes. With a demonstration, we will now get the feel of the clutch to find the bite several times. (You would be encouraged to make the car creep about an inch & then clutch down again) We will now make the vehicle safe by puttin the handbrake on & putting into neutral.

We are now in a position to cover the Moving off & changing gears routine including the stopping proceedure.

You will be explained the benefits & function of the Duel Controls.

Any questions that you may have would be encouraged as we have gone along.

Making it quite clear that the coordination & timing of the controls cannot be achieved on the briefing understanding alone, we will now proceed with FULL INSTRUCTION.

Your first lesson will involve pulling away & stopping. Doing left hand circuits, including approaching & turning left. Approaching a junction & emerging to the left. ALL OF WHICH WILL BE DONE WITH FULL INSTRUCTION & THE SAFETY OF DUEL CONTROLS.

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