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Instructor Training

6Assessment & training of anyone with ambitions of becoming a qualified Approved Driving Instructor.

This will include training & support to be able to complete with success parts 1, 2 & 3 of the DSA qualifying exams.

After an initial introduction followed by a practical driving assessment. An understanding of your current standard of driving will be realised. In addition how long it might take to bring up to the high standard expected of an ADI. An opinion will be provided in terms of the amount of time that might take & a full explanation of what the three tests entail.

The time scales involved between qualifying tests & all the conditions necessary to passing. The advantages of being self employed as opposed to being employed will be made clear. Everything you could possibly need to know regarding this new career venture will be provided. Allowing you to make a decisive decision as to whether you wish to proceed.

Costs will cover the amount of time involved to bring up to standard. The first of all three test costs & the necessary publications required to help you prepare. In addition the use of a suitable vehicle for the Practical Driving part of the test & test of ability to Instruct.

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