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Motorway Training

7The object being to generate the confidence to make use of the motorway when convenient.

By assessing & educating where necessary to ensure that the rules are understood & being obeyed.

This will include route finding, break down procedures, contra -flows & lane closures but to mention a few. The idea being, that if you know what you are doing you should be confident as a result & safe.

Although you may have been driving for years as a qualified driver. Maybe you haven’t had cause to use the Motorway very often. Maybe you are new to the area & your previous address was nowhere near a Motorway. Or your very uneasy about the volume of traffic & speeds involved. Probably your a newly qualified driver, in which case this course is intended for you.

Following an initial introduction. Questions & answers to ascertain knowledge. Use of Highway Code & Illustrations, the course will follow in a logical sequence. Firstly it would probably be wise to let you get comfortable with the car on roads that you are familiar with prior to joining the Motorway. From then on all aspects of joining / leaving / lane changing / lane closures / breakdown procedures etc will be covered.

Upon completion, you will fully appreciate the risks / the responsibilities involved & have a confidence to use the Motorway independently when you have cause.

The Motorway when available generally offers the quickest most economic route to a destination, even though the mileage might be marginally longer in some instances.

In addition, because all the traffic is usually travelling in the same direction to each other. The Motorway is statistically safer than other types of roads.

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