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Older Driver Skills Scheme

6Will involve an assessment & will identify anything which isn’t strictly as it should be.

The object being that safety is being maintained for everybody’s benefit.

This might involve a little education & awareness, but should result in greater confidence & ability.

Again this will follow the same pattern as the Assessment course & Refresher course above.

This particular course will tend to look at the older drivers awareness & reaction to hazards. An eye sight check will be done at the appropriate distance to determine range of sight or suitability of glasses.

Allowances will be made for the pace of progress & their speed of reaction.

Providing that the rules of the road are generally being observed & courtesy to other road users is being considered then you will have reached the desired standard required of the course.

All remedial advice will be provided & a written report given if necessary.

The offer of a few remedial lessons to correct any weaknesses may prove very beneficial.

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