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Pass Plus

8A beneficial scheme intended for newly qualified young drivers to learn rather more advanced driving practices.

Learning to drive & passing your test is all very good but we have been a bit limited by how far we can venture & what sort of roads we can use.

Pass Plus is intended to address those roads including motorways & make aware of the risks.

As a result of doing Pass Plus most Insurance Companies Discount insurance premiums.

It is assumed that someone having done Pass Plus represents a lower risk to future accidents & claims.

On occasion grants are available from Somerset County Council Safety Partnership to help with the costs.

This scheme, which has been introduced with the object of reducing serious accidents & injuries involving newly qualified drivers. Has been promoted by the DSA, all leading Insurance companies & local authority Safety Partnerships.

Evidence has proven that drivers which have completed the Pass Plus scheme represent lower risks to accidents & present less Insurance claims.

The following link details what Pass Plus involves & how the scheme can benefit you.


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