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Refresher Courses


The object being to get your standard of driving back up to what it used to be. If not to actually improve if necessary without being a long drawn out process.

This should create the confidence & the certainty that you’re doing things correctly.

This will involve an initial introduction with questions & answers to ascertain when you may of last driven. What sort of driving you may have done & where. In addition the types of vehicles you have experience with.

An hours assessment with any essential guidance generally gives a good understanding of a drivers ability at this stage. If you choose to use your own vehicle, fine. If you use mine an allowance will be made allowing you get used to what is probably a strange vehicle.

On completion of the assessment a discussion between the two of use will agree upon the aspects of the drive which were good & correct. Also the situations which will clearly need to be addressed. I will now be aware of how confident you appear, your awareness of hazards & your reaction to those hazards.

The following lessons will ensure that the weaknesses are addressed, your confidence is boosted & how far you are prepared to venture is increased.

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